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Sunday, March 11


3:00pm Pre-Registration


Monday, March 12


7:00am Registration

7:30am Continental Breakfast / Sponsor Showcase

9:00am Keynote: Welcome - Tim Bird, ELC Co-Chair & Philip DesAutels, IoT Co-Chair

9:15am Keynote: Antony Passemard, Product Management Lead - Cloud IoT, Google

9:40am Keynote: Yunsup Lee, Co-Founder and CTO, SiFive

10:00am Keynote: Sci-fi Destroys the World, Science Builds It - Daniel Wilson, Roboticist & Author

10:25am Coffee Break


Introduction to the Robot Operating System (ROS) Middleware - Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. 

Long-Term Maintenance Model of Embedded Industrial Linux Distribution - SZ Lin, Moxa Inc. 

Progress in the Embedded GPU Ecosystem - Robert Foss, Collabora Ltd. 

Building IPv6 Mesh Network with Zephyr OS - Ravi kumar Veeramally, Intel 

Mozilla's IoT Framework: Putting People First - Kathy Giori, Mozilla Corp 

Warm Fuzzy Feeling & the Zephyr OS - Leandro Pereira, Intel PocketBeagle Walk Through - Jason Kridner, BeagleBoard.org (Additional Track Registration Required)


An Introduction to Asymmetric Multiprocessing: When this Architecture can be a Game Changer and How to Survive It - Nicola La Gloria & Laura Nao, Kynetics 

Booting it Successfully for the First Time with Mainline - Enric Balletbò i Serra, Collabora Ltd. 

Tips for Writing Good Tests for Linux - Tim Bird, Sony

Apache Spark and Apache Ignite: Where Fast Data Meets the IoT - Akmal Chaudhri, GridGain Systems

The S in IoT is for Security - Andrew Watts & Shawn Corey, T-Mobile 

Zephyr LTS Release, What to Expect and Why are We Doing This - Anas Nashif, Intel

12:40pm Lunch (Attendees on Own)


An Unbiased Look at the Energy Aware Scheduler (EAS) - Vitaly Wool, Interstate Labs

Introducing the “Lab in a Box” Concept - Patrick Titiano & Kevin Hilman, Baylibre 

Preempt-RT Raspberry Pi Linux - Tiejun Chen, VMware

Apache Mynewt Logs and Stats Infrastructure: Designed for Flexibility and Easy Porting to Other OSes - Sterling Hughes, Runtime, Inc. Retrofitting Memory Protection in the Zephyr OS - Andrew Boie, Intel

Smart Cities - Racing to Adopt IOT Standards to Build Our Next Generation Communities - Odealya D Price, Itron

Introduction to Kernel Modules and Kbuild - Behan Webster, The Linux Foundation (Additional Track Registration Required)


Impact of Platform Firmware on Linux Kernel - Megha Dey & Sai Praneeth Prakhya, Intel

OpenEmbedded/Yocto on RISC-V - New Kid on the Block - Khem Raj, Comcast

Piece of Cake - Testing Remote Embedded Devices Made Easy Using Open-Hardware MuxPi - Paweł Wieczorek, Samsung R&D Institute Poland 

System-in-Package Technology: Making it Easier to Build Your Own Linux Computer - Erik Welsh, Octavo Systems & Jason Kridner, BeagleBoard.org

Flexible IoT Solutions Using Zephyr and JavaScript - Brian Jones, Intel 

Open Connectivity for IoT - Rami Alshafi, Open Connectivity Foundation & Thiago Macieira, Intel 

The Three Software Stacks Required for IoT Architectures - Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation

3:50pm Coffee Break


Bring-up with Netconsole and USB without a Serial Debug Net - Jason Kridner, Texas Instruments and BeagleBoard.org Foundation 

FPGA Support in the Linux Kernel, Status and Future Work - Yves Vandervennet & Alan Tull, Intel 

Keeping up with LTS: Linux Kernel Functional Testing (LKFT) on Devices - Thomas Gall, Linaro 

Bluetooth Mesh with Zephyr OS and Linux - Johan Hedberg, Intel

Building an Open Source Stack for IoT Analytics - Fangjin Yang, Imply 

Easy, Reproducible, VM Building for Isolating Applications - Jonathan Creekmore, Star Lab 

Tutorial: Introduction to Reverse Engineering - Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. 

Introduction to the U-Boot Bootloader - Marek Vasut, Consultant (Additional Track Registration Required)


Drive your NAND within Linux - Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) 

Embedded Linux Quality Assurance: How to Not Lie with Statistics - Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens AG/OTH Regensburg 

Linux on Quick Turnaround Projects at Ball: No, We Aren’t Putting Linux in Canning Jars - Sam Povilus, Ball Aerospace 

Connecting the Edge - Project Flogo - Anshul Sharma, TIBCO Software 

Using Microservices to Create a Flexible IoT Software Platform - Jim White, Dell 

Zephyr Now Supports OMA LwM2M Protocol! What Can it Do for Me? - Michael Scott, Open Source Foundries Ltd.

6:00pm Partner Reception (Invitation Required)


Tuesday, March 13


8:00am Continental Breakfast Sponsor Showcase Registration

9:00am Keynote: Kate Stewart, Sr. Director of Strategic Programs & Philip DesAutels, Sr. Director of IoT, The Linux Foundation

9:25am Keynote: Mark Charlebois, Director of Engineering, Qualcomm Technologies

9:35am Keynote: Federated Analytics at Scale - Patricia Florissi, VP & Global CTO for Sales, Dell EMC

10:10am Keynote: Massimo Banzi, Co-founder, Arduino Project

10:30am Coffee Break


Comparing and Contrasting Embedded Linux Build Systems and Distributions - Drew Moseley, Mender.io

Introducing Bluetooth Mesh - Marcel Holtmann, Intel

Measuring and Summarizing Latencies using the Trace Event Subsystem - Tom Zanussi, Intel 

Update My Board! - Mirza Krak, Endian Technologies AB Open Source for Industry 4.0 - Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation

GDB Debugging in Both User and Kernel Space - Mike Anderson, The PTR Group (Additional Track Registration Required) 

Getting Started With EdgeX Foundry – a Hands-on Lab - Jim White, Dell & Tony Espy, Canonical Ltd.


BoF: Yocto Project & OpenEmbedded - Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, Intel 

Secure Boot from A to Z - Quentin Schulz & Mylène Josserand, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) Speeding your Linux Development with Debian and OpenEmbedded on DragonBoard™ 410c - Mark Charlebois, Qualcomm Technologies 

Steering Xenomai into the Real-Time Linux Future - Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG Code Your Code With Code - Jeremy Foster, Microsoft 

The Things Network: An IOT Global Phenomenon - Bryan Smith, Tacit Labs

12:40pm Lunch (Attendees on Own)


Automating Open Source Hardware Lightning with Home Assistant and MQTT - Leon Anavi, Konsulko 

Group Graphics Performance Analysis with FrameRetrace: A Responsive UI for ApiTrace - Mark Janes, Intel

I + I2C = I3C: What's in this Additional 'I'? - Boris Brezillon, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) 

Maintaining a Real Time Stable Kernel - Steven Rostedt, VMware

A Method of Accessing IoT Gateway Management UI using URL Resolver Service - Zhennan Wang, IBM

End To End Automation of IoT Device Testing: Using Containers to Provide a Shell - Christian Daudt, Cypress Semiconductor 

Getting Started With EdgeX Foundry – a Hands-on Lab - Jim White, Dell & Tony Espy, Canonical Ltd.

Introduction to Linux Kernel Driver Programming: i2c drivers - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) - (Additional Track Registration Required)


Android Common Kernel and Out of Mainline Patchset Status - Amit Pundir, Linaro 

Real-World Yocto: Getting the Most out of Your Build System - Stephano Cetola, Intel 

Shifting Media App Development into High Gear - Helen Koike, Collabora Ltd. 

What Every Driver Developer Should Know about RT - Julia Cartwright, National Instruments

Remote Software Updates for IoT Devices with Eclipse hawkBit - Diego Rondini, Kynetics

3:50pm Coffee Break


A Solution to High Latencies Caused by I/O - Paolo Valente, Linaro

Implementing State-of-the-Art U-Boot Port, 2018 Edition - Marek Vasut, Self-employed

poky-tiny and Beyond, or Trying to put the Yocto in Yocto Project - Scott Murray, Konsulko Group 

Secure Containers in Embedded Deployments - Stefano Stabellini, Xen Project

Building Open Source IoT Ecosystems - Jim White & Trevor Conn, Dell 

Tock, The Operating System for a Programmable IoT - Amit Levy, Stanford University 

Update on New WiFi Daemon for Linux - Marcel Holtmann, Intel 

Building an SPI Driver - Michael Welling, QWERTY Embedded Design, LLC. (Additional Track Registration Required)

5:10pm Onsite Attendee Reception & Sponsor/Technical Showcase


BoF: Automotive Grade Linux Development Community - Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation 

BoF: Blockchain of Things - Tyler Baker, Open Source Foundries 

BoF: Connecting Devices with Lorawan and Other LPWAN Technologies - Bryan Smith, Tacit Labs 

BoF: Embedded Linux Size - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) 

BoF: Large Scale Deployments of Blockchain in IoT - What are We Missing? - Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation 

BoF: Open Source Hardware - Drew Fustini, OSH Park

Wednesday, March 14


8:00am Continental Breakfast Sponsor Showcase Registration

9:00am Keynote: Tim Bird, Sr. Software Engineer, Sony

9:20am  Keynote: Amber Case, Author and Fellow at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center

9:45am Keynote: Introducing: ACRN - Imad Sousou, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Open Source Technology Center, Intel

10:05am Keynote: Jonathan Corbet, Author, Kernel Developer and Executive Editor of LWN.net

10:30am Coffee Break


Not Really, but Kind of Real Time Linux - Sandra Capri, Ambient Sensors

The Salmon Diet: Up-Streaming Drivers as a Form of Optimization - Gilad Ben-Yossef, Arm

Using VS and VS Code for Embedded C/C++ Development - Marc Goodner, Microsoft

Landscape of Linux IoT Ecosystems - Christian Daudt, Cypress Semiconductor 

SMP and Networking Support on NuttX/LC823450 - Masayuki Ishikawa & Koichi Okamoto, Sony 

Video & Sound Products Inc. Zephyr and MCUBoot as Foundations for Secure IoT Products - Marti Bolivar, Open Source Foundries

Learn Bitbake with Yocto Project - Tom King, The Linux Foundation (Additional Track Registration Required)


BoF: Devicetree - Frank Rowand, Sony 

CPU Power Saving Methods for Real-time Workloads - Ramesh Thomas, Intel 

The Road Towards a Linux TSN Infrastructure - Jesus Sanchez-Palencia, Intel 

Mixed Critical IoT Edge Systems Through Virtualization - Michele Paolino, Virtual Open Systems 

Patterns for Reliable Communications Between Devices and the Cloud - Pierre Cauchois, Microsoft 

Using NuttX RTOS for Industrial IoT Solutions - Alan Carvalho de Assis, Extern I/O

12:55pm Lunch (Attendees on Own)


Debian for Embedded Systems: Best Practices - Vagrant Cascadian, Aikidev, LLC 

OSS License Compliance for Software Developers, NOT for Legal Experts - Satoru Ueda, Sony Corporation 

Reliable Linux Wireless - Techniques for Debugging Wireless Module Integrations - Steve deRosier, Cal-Sierra Consulting LLC

Distributing Cloud Intelligence on Devices with Azure IoT Edge - Olivier Bloch & Raj Vengalil, Microsoft

Hyperscalable Unified IoT Platform - Drasko Draskovic & Janko Isidorovic, Mainflux 

Sensor Types and Their Uses - Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. 

Getting Started with Buildroot - Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons) - (Additional Track Registration Required)


An Introduction to an Open Source Partitioning Embedded Hypervisor - Eddie Dong, Intel

Civil Infrastructure Platform: Industrial Grade Open Source Base-Layer - Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba Corporation, Software Development and Engineering Center 

Living on Master: Using Yocto Project, Jenkins and LAVA for a Rolling Release - Tim Orling, Intel 

DIY Connected IoT Products Using Open Source Software - Alan Bennett & Tyler Baker, Open Source Foundries 

Making a Very Tiny and Efficient Library - Thiago Macieira, Intel 

The IoT Botnet Wars, Linux Devices, and the Absence of Basic Security Hardening - Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io


3D Printing with Linux and Xenomai - Kendall Auel, 3D Systems Corp.

EFL 2.0, Time to Rethink and Make Things Easier! - Cedric Bail, Samsung Open Source Group 

Ethernet Switch Support in the Linux Kernel - Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin (formerly Free Electrons)

Real-world, Open Source, End-to-End JavaScript in IoT - Kris Borchers, Linux Foundation 

Using Fedora with OSTree for IoT and Other Embedded Platforms - Peter Robinson, Red Hat 

Building Images with Yocto Project - Tim Orling, Intel (Additional Track Registration Required)

5:20pm Coffee Break

5:35pm Closing Game


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